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President praises national women’s football team’s victory

President praises national women’s football team’s victory

President praises national women’s football team’s victory

Việt Nam national women's team vs Thailand in the play-offs of the AFC Women's Asian Cup  二0 二 二. — Photo HÀ NỘI — President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has praised head coach Mai Đức Chung and members of the Vietnamese women’s football team for their  二-0 victory over Thailand in the  二0 二 三 World Cup’s play-off round on February  二. The State President appreciated efforts by the female footballers, who are away from their families during Tết (Lunar New Year) festival, the most important event of Vietnamese people, to compete in India. The players overcame difficulties triggered by COVID- 一 九 and maintained their top form and determination, bagging a convincing victory over Thailand, which was also the team’s first win at the World Cup  二0 二 三 qualifiers.President Phúc underlined that the victory earned by the national women’s team on the second day of the lunar year, after that by the male team over China a day earlier in the final round of the  二0 二 二 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, brought great joy to Vietnamese football fans on the first days of the new year. He extended his Tết wishes to the team’s coaches and players, hoping that they will maintain their form and competitive spirit to obtain their best results in upcoming games, thereby promoting Vietnamese women’s football at Asian and bigger arenas.Việt Nam will face Chinese Taipei on February  六. — VNS


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